Licensed Floyd Rose Trems

These are Floyd Rose licensed Tremelos made of high quality material. The FRT-350 is a single locking trem that locks at the nut only. The strings slide through the tube at the extreme back of the trem, over the saddles and up the neck to the locking nut. The rest of the trems on this page are double locking, meaning they lock at the saddle AND at the nut. The nuts are available in 42 and 43mm, 1 5/8s and 1 11/16s respectively and mount from the top., meaning the nut mounting screws, screw down through the nut into the wood, NOT up from the back of the neck into the nut. Please specify when ordering. The trem has fine tuners and the saddles are fully adjustable for intonation. The price includes a complete installation kit including all parts for a new install.

Parts included are 2 mounting studs, 3 springs, spring mount and screws, top mount locking nut with screws, correct allen wrenches and screw-on trem bar.

If you are replacing an existing tremelo system MAKE SURE to look at the artists drawings for the trem you are considering and match up the dimensions,base shape and where the guitar strings lock in with your guitar. Behind the saddle, Lo Pro, extreme back of the trem, standard double locking.

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