Here are some pickups that I carry. Pickups are tough, everyone likes something different and in the end, the amplification (in my opinion) makes much more of a difference in the sound of the guitar for todays music. You can spend a BUNCH of money on pickups and for the most part you are paying for a name. There are pickups however that do sound different, I have 2 58 Les Paul reissues, one of which has Gibsons Burstbuckers, which Gibson claims are 'as close as you can get to original PAFs', and the other has a set of Duncan Pearly Gates. The Gibson pickups have a definite high end advantage over the Duncans, but the Duncans are warmer, more even. To each his own, some songs are better served played with the Gibsons and some with the Duncans. The Blackbuckers I currently have are very close to the Gibsons, very clear and REAL high output. The Blackbuckers are a real good choice for blues through classic rock. The Metalbuckers are just what you would think they are, REALLY pushed. Through a Boogie or Marshall, these are as distorted as it gets and still be musical. Some pickups are so distorted they just sound shrill and uneven. The Metalbuckers are where its at for hard rock to METAL.

The P-99s are real tasty and tone-y, pretty hot and great for cross-over guys that do the country and rock thing. We built a TLE with these and that thing is just FUN to play! The mahogany body and brite pickups are a real nice combo.

The RAILS pickups, we have installed in just about every application you can think of and they just stand out at every turn. This is a VERY under-rated pickup in my opinion. Put one of these in your fav position in your ST and man, you have a different guitar! The bridge just stands out, a GREAT way to add a humbucker without butchering your guitar. In the bridge of a TLE it just adds thickness and depth and evens it out. My favorite is putting this in the neck of a Charvel style guitar, especially one of our mahogany bodies, WOW! Great for ANY style music.

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